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Farm Girl with Curls
By: Lauren Schwab

My website, shares farming and the country as a way of life. I share the hard work and dedication it takes to make a business and ones dreams a reality. I share spiritual inspirations and personal experiences on setting and achieving goals. I share the stories of others in achieving their career aspirations no matter the cost. I am a farmer’s daughter with a degree in journalism, writing stories on farming, country music and the hard work it takes to make your mark in the world. Visit for pig gifts and accessories!


Jean's Boots
By: Lindsay Sankey

I am a learning and praying wife. 
A Homesteading optimist. 
A Gypsy soul with a poet's heart.
A Writer
A Photographer. 
A Lover of all things rural. 
A Wine enthusiast. 
An Advocate for agriculture. 
Erma Bombeck's mind with Miranda Lambert's spirit.

Enjoying every moment of this ride.

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Understanding PEDv
By: Ashley Fritz

Recently many Americans has learned about the recent out break of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, or better known by its initials PEDv. This virus was confirmed in the United States in Iowa during the week May 13, 2013.1 Now, 26 states including Ohio have been infected, with the rising perished total of more than one million pigs in the United States.

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Blog A Real Threat
By: Ashley Fritz

Ever since the events of the September 11, 2001, the world is now on the highest alert for terrorism. When events played out that day, I was a Sophomore in High School and I remember my history teacher telling us, as you know we have had issues with terrorist in our country and we are going to go down the hall and watch something on the T.V.

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Blog Clearing the Air on Antibiotics
By: Ashley Fritz

What if I was to tell you that all meat products you buy at your choice of supermarket are in reality antibiotic free?

Well it is true.

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Blog Finding the right one
By: Ashley Fritz

Now is the time, many 4-H’ers are starting or already have begun to make their selections for what animal stock is best suited for them for the upcoming county and state fairs.

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